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Analysis on house vs apartment living land fortuners

House VS Apartment Living a Comprehensive Analysis

The house vs apartment living debate has been ongoing since forever. When searching for new places to buy or rent, choosing the right property can be tricky. Sometimes, it is difficult to decide whether you need an apartment or a house. There are many factors that you must take into consideration to know which one suits your preferences and budget.

Benefits of House Vs. Apartment Living

Here we analyze house vs apartment living to know the benefits of both types of properties.
  • Living Space
  • Celebrating Occasions and Events
  • Privacy
  • Amenities
  • Neighbors
  • Pets


Another factor to consider when evaluating house vs apartment living is the privacy each type of property offers. While apartments may be relatively cheaper to buy or rent. Most apartment complexes fail to offer the privacy home-owners seek out of their living space. That’s one of the most common reasons why buyers prefer opting for a house than an apartment. While, apartments complexes make sure apartment dwellers are able to enjoy as much privacy as possible. Although, sharing walls and common spaces such as parking with your neighbors is not always a pleasant experience. It is best to do your research before investing in a house or apartment to make sure you get the privacy you want for your family. However, some of the recent apartment construction projects in Pakistan ensure complete privacy to apartment-owners.

Living Space

Naturally, living in a house gives you access to more space. Even if you move into a small house, you have the liberty of enjoying more living space and probably more bedrooms. However, it could also mean higher utility bills, increased costs and higher maintenance costs. If you are looking forward to buy a house or an apartment for multiple people, it makes sense to invest in a house. But, make this decision only if you can handle the price and upkeep of a bigger place.

Celebrating Occasions and Events

Most people opt for apartments when they have to choose between the house vs apartment living options. But, if you are someone who likes to host parties and celebrate occasions throughout the year, apartments may fail to accommodate your large groups of friends and family members. Some modern houses also come with basements where home-owners can set-up movie theatres, or arrange frequent get-togethers. Remember to reflect on your lifestyle before investing a heavy amount on your next real-estate purchase.


Although, there are many advantages of buying an apartment, most apartment complexes in Pakistan don’t offer some basic or luxury amenities, essential for comfortable living. However, as apartment living is becoming more popular over time, builders have begun to include parking facilities, gymnasiums, and even swimming pools in some high-end apartment projects. But, if you are looking for a personal driveway or a backyard garden to plant your own vegetables; apartments do not offer the convenience to own garages and lush green lawns. In any case, if you don’t have too much space to create a large garden, you can also set-up a vertical garden to utilize your living space.


Although, the type of neighbors you are likely to find mainly depends on your location. It is true that your neighbors can be less interfering if you live in a house. It is common for apartment owners to over-hear their neighbours’ conversations or arguments. Sometimes, you can also tell what your next-door family is cooking for dinner. However, that can also be a problem in close-knitted houses. So, if you prefer living in an apartment, try finding apartments that have installed sound-proofing options such as noise-blocking doors and windows to cut down as much noise as possible.


If you are a pet lover, living in an apartment can be a challenging experience. Most pet owners train their pets to defecate without creating a mess. However, separation anxiety may cause your pets to defecate in strange places including your bed. If dogs don’t have enough space to vent out their extra energy, they can scratch your expensive couches and furniture. One of the only ways you can enjoy having pets in an apartment is to have a fish-tank. Hence, you should also check with the management of an apartment building to know if they allow you to have pets. Finding out this information will play a significant role to help you buy a house or apartment.
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