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The GFS 7 Wonders City Islamabad is a promising project bringing in luxury and a unique living experience at a much lower rate than the market. The feeling of living near all the Seven Wonders of the World is in itself a lifetime experience.

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    Owners & Developers

    Global Financial Services(GFS), the project owner, has been a prominent entity in the construction industry for more than a decade. They have worked on a huge range of infrastructure projects, from residential to business ones. Moreover, they have successfully managed the investment by their clients in numerous fields. However, the GFS 7 Wonders company aims to bring greater value to each of its ventures.

    Most importantly, the Seven Wonders City is a theme-based housing venture that offers all the world’s seven wonders in one gated community. It is just near to CPEC route. 7 wonders spread over more than 200 acres of land.

    Prime Location

    The location of a housing society holds a substantial worth as the site is contiguous to the CPEC-Ring Road Interchange. So, everyone can easily access through M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway in about 25 minutes.

    Nevertheless, the New Islamabad International Airport is only a 20 minute drive away from the housing society. One of its entrance point is near Fateh Jang Road, and another one is near the CPEC route.

    Salient Features

    The most appealing factor of this venture is its unique theme as the developers plan to construct replicas of the Taj Mahal, The Great Pyramid in Giza, Roman Colosseum, Statue of Liberty, The Stonehenge, The Great Chinese Wall, and the Eiffel Tower.

    Since security is one of the top priorities of customers, the city will be a gated community and will also provide a sense of safety to the residents.

    There are following facilities:

    Why Invest in GFS 7 Wonders?

    GFS builders and developers are serving low-cost housing to their customers by conveying comforts and high-standard utilities to their clients. So, everyone can attain their dream house for themselves and turn their visions into reality with GFS.

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