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The Centaurus Mall is an iconic retail, entertainment, and lifestyle destination that entices visitors with a multifaceted range of retail and entertainment options.

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    Owners & Developers

    Sardar Builders, Saudi Arabian Al Mahad Group of Companies, and Pak Gulf Construction built it, and Sardar Builders owns it (Pakistan). The construction began in 2005 and was completed ten years later in 2015.


    The Centaurus Mall is convenient for residents of the twin cities because it is located in the heart of Islamabad.

    Furthermore, some sections were successfully completed in 2018. A total of 500 rooms were constructed, along with a hotel, shopping mall, cinema, and a variety of other amenities. The Centaurus building is 361 feet tall in total (110 meters).

    In addition, the Metro has made it even easier to get to the mall in a matter of minutes. According to the map, the address is Jinnah Avenue, F-8/4 F-8, Islamabad.


    Centaurus Mall was designed by the British architectural firm WS Atkins. The company is well-known throughout the world for building the popular Burj-e-Khalifa, also known as Khalifa Tower, and participating in various other projects.

    Besides this, it is Pakistan's first flexible project that can easily absorb an earthquake of magnitude 9. The complex design includes residential houses/apartments, corporate offices, skyscrapers, parking, a shopping mall, and a hotel.