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The Capital Development Authority is in charge of Islamabad's town planning (CDA). Unlike other civic development authorities in Pakistan, the CDA enjoys a much better reputation for infrastructure development.

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    CDA Sectors in Islamabad

    The federal capital territory divides into five zones, such as:

    Zones I and II have been designated as urban development zones, and they encompass all sectors of Islamabad. These sectors are Zone I and II administrative divisions. Zone I has the most developed residential areas, while Zone IV has the most overall area.

    The sectors within these zones are divided by 2×2 km area packets which are categorized in alphabetical order vertically and in numerical order horizontally. Accordingly, in alphabetical numbers, the CDA sectors in Islamabad range from A to I.

    Likewise, in numerical terms, the area allocation ranges from 5 to 17. For instance, Sector G has a further denomination of 13 numbers, like G-5, G.6, G-7, and so on, while Sector D has 7 numerical divisions. The same goes for the rest of the alphabetical classifications.

    Sectors E, F, and G are considered Islamabad's oldest and the first developed sectors, followed by Sectors H and I. The alphabets of each sector are also not meaningless. Each alphabet represents a different level of development, with Sector E and F being the most advanced and, understandably, the most expensive. Sectors such as G, H, and I are comparatively less costly and more affordable for the middle class.

    Sector A, B and C

    The sectors A, B, and C are still underdeveloped. The majority of these sectors' land has been reserved for future development. Only the B-17 is undergoing a recent development phase.

    Sector D

    The D-series of CDA sectors in Islamabad is categorized into 7 sub-sectors, starting from D-11 and ending with D-17. Out of these 7 sub-sectors, only D-12 is entirely developed. The D-series of CDA sectors is located at the foot of Margalla hills and gives a serene environment. This sector is a relatively new place for residents and one of Islamabad's new CDA sectors. The Army is expected to acquire and manage the majority of the land falling within this sector's boundaries.

    Sector E

    The E-series of CDA sectors range from E-7 to E-18. Its neighborhood is primarily inhabited by foreigners and executives. The rate of property in E sectors is much higher due to the lavish amenities and luxury constructions. Moreover, major renowned universities like Bahria University, Air University, and the National Defense University are located in Sectors E-8 and E-9. Sector E is located exactly opposite the F sector series. Moreover, major renowned universities like Bahria University, Air University, and the National Defense University are located in Sectors E-8 and E-9. Sector E is located exactly opposite the F sector series.

    The E-series includes the following major landmarks:

    Sector F

    Sector F is regarded as the most well-developed and expensive sector of Islamabad. This sector ranges from F-5 to F-17. Sector F-6, F-7, and F-8 are home to many foreigners, diplomats, and elite-class overseas residents.

    Besides, many foreign embassies are also located in this series.

    Sector F includes the following landmarks:

    Sector G

    The G-series of Islamabad sectors starts from G-5 and ends at G-17. Most of these are already developed and dwelled by locals and immigrants.

    Also, the G sectors of Islamabad are the most densely populated areas of the city.

    The following are significant sites in the G-series:

    Sector H

    The H-series is numbered H-8 to H-17. Most of the land in this series is set aside for educational institutions and healthcare facilities. Pakistan’s premier higher education institution, the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), is also sprawled over a sector of this series (H-12).

    Other notable buildings in this sector series include:

    Sector I

    The I sector series begins with I-8 and concludes with I-18.

    Sector I-8 is a well-developed residential and commercial area with a number of businesses and commercial centers.

    Except for I-8, the majority of the CDA-approved sectors in this series are designated as industrial zones.

    In fact, most parts of Sectors I-9 and I-10 are already in use as industrial zones.

    The CDA intends to build the Islamabad Railway Station in Sector I-18 in the future.

    They also plan to develop Sector I-17 into an industrial city.